Why Renting a yard sign make good sense.

Having fun celebrating with a yard sign. The sign Elf East Texas

Are you planning a party, celebrating a birthday or graduation?

It’s so easy to do with a yard sign. We are a retired couple that loves to help you celebrate your special occasion.


PERSONAL:   We will help you to design a yard sign that will be custom to your wants and desires.


EASY:     We will help you design and then place your Birthday Sign, Graduation Sign to the special place and the pick it up.

Affordable:    I know you could go and buy the letters and make up your own Yard Sign, but you wouldn’t want to use the same sign for every occasion, and then have to find a place to store it. The Sign Elf East Texas can do all of that for you at a low cost.

Last but not least, getting with a yard sign rental company [The Sign Elf East Texas] you will be getting help from professionals that will help make your special day easy and very memorable!