We love our clients and want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with The SIGN Elf and our products.

However, we do have a few requests:

  1. We would love for you to pose next to the display in order to take photographs of your celebration. But please DO NOT pull the signs from the ground or relocate any of our signs. If you need your display taken down early, please give us a call and we will gladly come and get them.
  2. Please do NOT mow, edge around or remove yard signs lawn maintenance purposes. Please schedule yard work before the signs are placed. Any damage caused will be billed to you.
  3. If you have a lawn service scheduled during the duration of your display it is your responsibility to inform them of this policy or simply reschedule for them to come after the sign is removed.
  4. Missing or damaged lawn display items will be charged to the payment on file for the appropriate amount.
  5. Please do not let children play on or around the display or pull up any of the signs. Some of them may look like toys, but they are not. The SIGN Elf and its representatives will not be responsible or liable for any injury that may be caused to any person while they are rented and in your recipient’s yard.
  6. We will not, under any circumstances, put up a “mean”, racially insensitive or inappropriate display. We only want our recipients to be happy. That being said, please do not move the greeting letters around on our designs. The verbiage on all signs has to be agreed upon by us prior to the processing of your order.
  7. If the recipient contacts us in order to know who ordered the display, we will tell them unless you give us specific instructions not to. We will also remove our yard signs immediately if requested.
  8. Please arrange to WATER, mow, and trim your grass BEFORE our set up. It is almost impossible to place signs in hard ground, especially without tearing them up, so please water for at least 30 minutes before we place the signs. Ideally, 30 minutes for the 3 days prior is ideal! If a 6” tool can easily slip in to the ground, we are good!! Also, mowers and weed eaters can destroy signs so be extremely careful when trimming around signs. If we are unable to install a greeting due to hard ground conditions when we arrive, we will refund all but $50 due to prep and travel time.
  9. Please do not attach balloons to the signs as they can pop and melt on the signs causing damage, especially on warm summer days.
  10. If your greeting is a surprise for someone who lives at another address from you, please notify someone in that household that we will be on the property during the scheduled window for setup and take down. This is for not only our safety, but we also want to help keep the surprise. Booking and providing payment means that you agree that we have the permission to be on the property. You are responsible for the sign while placed in the yard, even if you don’t live at the address where sign is placed. If the sign is a surprise for someone in your home, please close blinds during delivery and leave an outside light on for us.
  11. All sign displays are the exclusive property of The SIGN Elf and you will be held responsible for any missing or damaged signs.
  12. You agree to release The SIGN Elf of any responsibility or liability for any injuries or damages that may happen to any person or property during the setup or removal of our rentals.

Privacy Policy

The SIGN Elf respects your privacy. We do not sell our clients’ personal information to third parties. We may occasionally contact you to share information about our products and special discounts, but you can always opt out if you prefer. See more here.

Photo & Advertising Release

  • We will photograph your greeting for use on our The SIGN Elf website, Instagram, Google, Pinterest and Facebook pages and may also publicly congratulate the recipient and use any written feedback from you, unless you otherwise inform us not to do so. Please specify this at the time of booking by disagreeing on request form.
  • We will place a small sign in the yard with our company name, phone number and web address. This sign is inconspicuous and lets friends and neighbors know how to contact us. Please do not move or hide it.